The 10 best home workout videos

Weight Loss

The gym is shut and to top it off, you’re only allowed out of the house once a day. But hey, before you start doing backflips (metaphorically, although real ones would be bloody impressive and a good way to work out if you’ve got the space), we’re here to help you with some of the best home workout videos.

I’ve searched YouTube for the best at-home workouts to keep you moving and grooving through these unprecedented times. 

Some videos are cheesy, some are harder than others, some might make you want to shout and swear at the trainer, be it due to the slight air of arrogance having a nice body gives you, or because the workout is providing a burn bigger than expected.

(Don’t worry, I fully understand the catharsis that a good few swear words can provide. I fully endorse this behaviour so long as there isn’t a home-schooler nearby).

I’ve picked workouts that can be done without needing loads of space – whether that’s because you don’t have loads of room at home, or because your house is now suddenly an office-come-educational centre. The trainers also have a lot of content, so if you’re enjoying these you can go back for more.

Time to work out, let’s go!

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