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They are, synthetic supplements are mostly made of chemical ingredients (cause imbalance in the body). Avoid taking Supplements having only Calcium without Magnesium and Vitamin D. Buy the ones where all three together. Iron Supplements from Spinach, Mustard leaves; eat 750gms of green leaves every day. Consume natural ingredients which are dry and free of water.
Because of hectic lifestyles we tend to take food from wherever it’s available like from fast food, fried food to suppress our hunger. Nutrients get destroyed in processed food, because of excessive use of chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides. And also longer transit times for delivery. 3-4 weeks is what it usually takes from the time of harvesting to reach your home, hence it loses lots of nutrients in the process. Overcooking is also a concern. Hence, supplements are needed. Excess and Deficient Nutrients are not good. Greases, salts, sugars, fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives and all other chemicals. We’re eating daily around 3000 chemicals surprisingly. The missing nutrients are healthy proteins, vitamins and minerals a major cause for children wearing glasses


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