Join Dr. William Davis for the 2020 Wheat Belly Alaskan Cruise!

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Adventure, the natural beauty of Alaska in the spring, spectacular food, educational and inspirational content, great company—and magnificent health, all rolled into one? Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime experience as we sail from Vancouver to Alaska – May 24th-31st, 2020.

Yes! The 2020 Wheat Belly/Undoctored Alaskan Cruise is all about empowering you to achieve health, weight loss, and youthfulness to a degree you may not have thought possible. Regain magnificent health, turn the clock back 10 or 20 years, free yourself from prescription drugs. It’s a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a supportive environment and have a great time while deepening your understanding of Dr. William Davis’ powerful Wheat Belly and Undoctored messages.

Hear what others have said about their Wheat Belly/Undoctored Cruise experience:

Mike and Bonnie


Dr. Stephen Brunton

We sail on the luxurious Celebrity Eclipse. Our program is full of brand new content and opportunities to learn, grow, and connect with other people who have embraced this lifestyle:

Q&A’s with Dr. William Davis
Live cooking and culinary skills demonstrations
Group dining experiences with special “Wheat Belly/Undoctored” menus
A chance to connect with new friends from around the world
The Lactobacillus Reuteri Yogurt Chronicles: “Be 40 for the next 60 Years”
Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)–Why it is critical to manage for health and maintaining youthfulness
Cardiovascular Disease: Cholesterol and why statins are NOT necessary
Undoctored skin health
Introduction to Undoctored Health Empowerment Coaching

And you get all this for less than most people pay in prescription drug costs per month!

The early bird catches the worm: prices and perks will never be better than they are right now!

Start a no-obligation conversation with our travel agency partners today to secure your cabin and lock in your best price:

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