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The best way to remove fat from our body is to make the body behave like a Fat burning furnace. In order to make your body a fat burning furnace we have to increase the rate of metabolic processes going inside our body. The metabolic rate can be increased in a number of ways. First of all, regarding the dietary habits it is advised to take three meals per day. One or two snacks per day are also preferred. There must be some good time gap between the meal intakes. If proper time gap is not maintained then it will result in the increase of insulin level in the body which will restrict the burning of fat. For a person to remain fit balanced diet is preferred. Balanced diet is one which includes all the necessary vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates in correct proportions. Inclusion of food rich in amino acids in the diet can increase the rate of fat burning furnace. Also drinking of water is essential.

Next thing is the regular practise of exercise which can help in fast weight loss. Exercise not only mean going to gym alone but walking is also a good exercise. Exercises include treadmill, cycling, stairmaster and cross-trainer. Also inclusion of more fibre and protein content in the diet and avoidance of alcoholic drinks can increase the rate of metabolism. Reducing the consumption of food rich in sugar and carbohydrates is another option. Fasting will not help you in losing fat from the body. Yoga, relaxation and meditation can help a person to be mentally fit.

There are also ayurvedic techniques available which involves the treatment using herbs. But this will take some time. A person undergoing ayurvedic treatment for fat loss will be having several restrictions in the diet practises. Since ayurvedic treatment involves the usage of herbs as medicines there won’t be any side effects. For fat loss apart from exercise and yoga they also advices to include food stuffs like seasonal fruits, whole grain bread and juices of lemon and carrot in regular diet. Also irregular eating habits can result in accumulation of fat in the body.

If you want to loose weight fast then there are short cut methods available which include the intake of weight loss pills and other fat burning pills available in the market. But in certain cases, they might have side effect. So before taking these pills it is advised to consult a doctor. Use of pills can help to burn fat fast. The rate of metabolism is low in the case of ladies. So for ladies to lose fat regular exercise is essential. There are different types of weight loss pills. Some just suppress the appetite whereas others will burn the fat present in the muscles. Ephedra is a well known example for fat burning pill. For a person to remain healthy he has to be physically fit as well as mentally fit.

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