Do statins reduce heart scan scores?

The Diet Guide

If you have a CT heart scan score (also called coronary calcium score), what effect do statin cholesterol drugs have on stopping or slowing the increase in score? (Increasing scores pose increasing risk for heart attack and other cardiac events.)

NONE. If you do nothing at all, the score increases by 25% per year, on average. If you take a statin drug, aspirin, and follow a low-fat diet, what my colleagues call “optimal medical therapy,” the score increases . . . 25% per year—no difference. Yet this is the “solution” that conventional doctors push on their patients, a “treatment” that yields little to no benefit.

The real tragedy? There are a number of easily accessible, inexpensive, and effective strategies that can stop the increase in heart scan scores, even reduce the score and, with it, reduce or eliminate risk for heart disease—but the answers won’t come from your doctor.